Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mom's can win too!

Last Sunday we had an open horse show. This is the series, Spur of the Moment Horse Shows, that I have been doing the adult walk/trot classes and having a blast!  The first show I was pretty darn nervous - I admit it.  There were so many things to remember to do and Equestrian Girl was firing instructions from the rail every time I passed by.  I came out exhilarated but with an advanced stage of cotton mouth.

By now, this is the 4th show, I'm starting to relax and just plain enjoy the adventure.  This show was show clothes optional too so I didn't have to sausage myself into those darn chaps either.  As a distraction for Equestrian Girl, I posted her with the camera and demanded lots of pictures of me and my competition - figured it might cut down on the peanut gallery comments!!

Before we went in the arena I had a bit of a Johnny Cash look going.  Stanley looked slightly bored but he likes doing walk/trot with me.  I ask very little of him and he knows when to walk and trot based on the announcer's voice.  I think he might even know when to change direction.  This is all good considering I'm so focused on equitation and keeping my chin up.  I just trust him to do his thing!!

There were only 4 of us in the class.  I actually entered the arena first but the other horses had much faster walks than Stanley.

This is Sue.  I don't really know her but she's friends with several other people that I do know quite well.  I think this was her first show.  She looks happy!

Mark is my walk/trot partner. He's done all the shows with me this year and is holding the first place spot for equitation.  He's brave for riding his daughter's Morgan - Connor can be a bit nutty at times.

I don't know this guy's name but his little haffie is just too cute!  I guess it's his daughter that rides him in the kid's walk/trot classes and does pretty good.

Then me.  I learned yesterday I need more bend in that straight arm.  My equitation leaves a lot to be desired but we win pleasure every time because Stanley is so darn good.  Trail goes good too when I remember where to go!

Class is almost done and the judge has us line up.  She had opinions than I would have hoped for and expected but that's what makes horse showing so interesting.  Every judge has an opinion and they just don't all match.  She did make the club's "do not call again" list though.

The end.  Actually this was before we even started when I was giving Stanley a little pep talk and pat.  I remind him he has to take care of me out there and do all the stuff he's supposed to do so I don't have to think about it.  He does.

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OnTheBit said...

I am finally catching up on my blog reading and am still many posts behind, but I had to comment on how great this post is! I am so happy that YOU are showing a little not too!