Saturday, April 22, 2017

Quick Trip to Florida

Two weeks ago I made a quick trip to Florida to surprise my mom for her 79th birthday.  She was SOOOO surprised and excited!

My mom and dad are just so cute. I'm incredibly thankful that they are both still so healthy and enjoying life.

We spent a good chunk of Sunday holding an open house to sell this view from their house.  I still can't believe they've had this house for 20 years.  It will be awesome to have them back in Michigan more but I know selling this place is hard on them.

I love these Bird of Paradise flowers - just so cool!

While I was visiting south Florida, Madison was up in Gainesville visiting her hold childhood friend, Rosalee.  Rose has been living in Florida for over 10 years now when her family moved to south Florida after her Dad had a heart attack.

On my last evening in Florida, I headed down to Naples where I spent some time enjoying an ocean view.

Then this beautiful woman came to hang out with me!  My sister-in-law, Lettie is my Latino sister in so many ways!

She is sassier and saucier than me but we adore each other.

And as a special treat, she brought along her daughter, Grace.  I haven't seen Gracie in soooooo long. She's Madison's sister-cousin. They share a birthday.  She has grown into such a special woman.

And this is why I adore my Latino sister - we are always laughing together!

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OnTheBit said...

That is awesome! Surprising you could talk your parents in to moving from Florida to somewhere so cold, but home is where your family is right?