Sunday, April 16, 2017

My Beautiful Horse World

Boarding your horse isn't cheap.  And it isn't a huge money maker for those who board horses either.  But I do feel very lucky to have my horse at Valboa Farm.  The beauty of this traditional red sided farm with white fences is beautiful from every angle and at all times of the day.  

 Having time to watch Madison teach Vince to jump is beautiful.

Forgot to crop this one but watching Madison teach this same silly gelding that the road isn't going to eat him alive is also beautiful.

 Okay, shedding season isn't so beautiful but finding that sleek horse beneath all that winter fur is pretty awesome.

Sweeping up a couple of small dogs worth of fur isn't so great either but it comes with the territory!!

And all of it is worth it because every view through the ears of a horse is beautiful!


OnTheBit said...

What a cutie! Is Madison going to try and sell him soon or is she going to try and show him this summer? He is coming along so nicely!

PaintCrazy said...

The plan is to show him this summer and next winter for sure. Then we shall see!