Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

My day started early with the regular stuff and doing some grocery shopping with Madison but then we shucked the routine and headed out to do some riding on her ponies.  That's ME riding Chancellor.

 We haven't had Chancellor very long but it's a nice boy and seems to be very quiet. Since Mata Hari had to compete yesterday, Madison just popped on her bare back for our stroll around the pastures and through the hay field.

When we first started out, Chancellor wanted nothing to do with being in the lead. Once we were out in the field we let him walk next to Mata Hari (he prefers her on his left) but after a while, he let us go out front with pokey Mata Hari bringing up the tail.

No pictures but near the end of our ride, Chancellor spooked at something in the grass and did a fast side step and half spin that set me off balance.  I thought I was going to stay on through the first half but still kicked my stirrups clear - and came off.  Luckily I was able to get a foot under myself and landed on one foot then just plopped back on my butt.  Chancellor isn't a very tall horse so I was relatively close to the ground!

Next we went to play with the babies!  This little filly was the first one born this spring and is losing her baby coat and turning very dark bay/black.

Piper is a cuddle bug.  Stevie, the filly behind Madison in the pic below is much more shy.

This is Rose, otherwise known as "Pip Squeak".  She was born with a twin who passed about 3 days after birth.  She's now just a tad bigger than a new born even though she's almost 4 weeks old.

This little filly is one of the more recent babies and is also quite shy.

It took some coaxing but we finally other to "talk" to us.

This little guy is the only boy (colt) born so fat this spring.  He's also a little love bug and enjoys the attention.

Nothing like spending Mother's Day with some fur babies!

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