Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Busy Saturday

After spending some time working quietly in the basement this morning while everyone was sleeping, I got to work finishing the seat on this old chair I had painted.  $0.50 for a quilters square of teal fabric covered by $3.00 worth of plastic lace tablecloth fabric and I have a chair ready to be used in the bathroom!

Then it was off to the barn to check on Madison's horses since she's vacationing in SC with the boyfriend's family.  I woke Mata Hari up from her nap.  She wasn't amused but was willing to eat the peppermint I brought for her.

 Chancellor was much more excited to see me and was asking to go home with me!

From there it was up to Mason to visit old friends at the APHA show.

And take care of my other show daughter, Sheri, with her faithful steed, Chilly.  Unfortunately, I kept running into SO many friends that she kept losing me and threatened to put a GPS tracker on me!

But the highlight of the day was getting to see my Stanley.  He was there with his new family and being the rock star that he's always been!

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