Saturday, April 30, 2016

Take me out to the ball game....

Most kids start out playing t-ball when they are little tykes and then move up to parent pitch, then little league and so on.  Not our kid.  He starts out playing baseball as a high school senior.  Zero experience.  

He got to run to second base too and then the next kid struck out and they were done.  Big loss for the Whitmore Lake Trojans.

Got to give the kid credit - he wanted to go to public school to play sports.  He played football his first year and had never played before.  He joined the bowling team that winter.  He had barely bowled at all.  In the spring, he ended up on the brand new to the school lacrosse team as their goalie.  He had never even watched lacrosse before.  

Senior year, he went back to play football again, tried out for basketball but there were enough kids that he didn't make the team so he did the bowling team again.  Then rather than going back to lacrosse for a second year, he opts to try baseball!  

Love my boy.

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