Saturday, April 16, 2016

First Dressage Show of the Season

We woke up to one of the most amazingly beautiful days so far this spring! Crystal clear skies and the temperature creeped up to 72!  By 8:15 we were loaded up and headed to Willbrooke Farm for a dressage schooling show - the show that we were supposed to do in December but they were over-sold and we got bumped to February and that one we had to bump since it was the same day as Madison's ACT Test.  So here we were, April 16th ready to go!

The first test was intro - just walk trot - and Madison got a nice compliment from the judge and came out feeling quite happy with her pony.

And when the scores were announced, she was even happier!

This duo are rock stars!

Madison and Mata Hari placed FIRST in both classes to win the reserve high point for the show!

Here are the video's of each test.

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Anonymous said...

It is always so nice to have hard work rewarded :). Congrats to Madison and Mata Hari!