Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Barn Party

A boarding barn party is rarely JUST a party.  Barns require lots of upkeep and maintenance and while the owner of our barn is fabulous about making repairs and keeping things shipshape, there's still always "extra" work to be done.

A couple of weeks ago the owners were offered some "free" mirrors which are a super nice thing to have in an indoor arena.  They are also very heavy and very fragile.  We recruited some dad's and a boyfriend (Equestrian Girl's) to help on that project. The mounting blocks made great ladders as a stable base for them.

In the mean time, all the women folk and kids went to work paint the jump standards and poles.  They figured the last time they were painted was about 15 years ago!

At one point the guys needed a horse mounted "model" to check the height of the mirrors and the boyfriend volunteered. The closest horse was Truly the pony!

We had fabulous weather for working outside and no worries about dripping paint - which we did plenty of!

Even the littlest kids got in on the action of helping.  You can see how badly faded the pole is that they are sitting on and why they needed to be repainted.

Equestrian Girl and the other teen jumper at the barn were in charge of setting them all back up since they are all about things "going together" and being matchy matchy.

Since the paint colors weren't purchased but rather lots of leftovers that everyone brought over, we weren't sure how it would all turn out but we were happy to see that some rather odd combinations ended up looking pretty darn good!

It was an organized chaos with "grandma" overseeing everything!

I forgot to get a final picture of these big white boards but they originally had hand prints of all the people that worked on them 15 years ago and we duplicated that with lots of new hand prints of the next generation of Foxcroft riders!

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