Saturday, October 18, 2014


This trip to Boston almost didn't happen.  I was being sent there for work and originally it was just for a 1/2 day meeting that was taking place at the end of a 3 day conference.  After an incredible amount of indecision on the part of my management, I was to fly out Sunday night to Boston and attend the conference (which actually started on Sunday afternoon).    The good was that I would be able to earn 13 CE credits while I was there.  The bad was that I had next to no free time and wasn't able to squeak out an extra day there because of the cost of the flights and hotel.

So it boiled down to having about 2 hours on late Tuesday afternoon to "see Boston".  Based on a little map that was included in my conference materials, I hit the road on foot for a quick walking tour since I wasn't too far from Boston Common.

I loved all the traditional brownstone apartments!

This was actually the view from the conference center but somehow my pictures are all disorganized...

Back on my walking tour, this was one of the first of the beautiful old churches I passed.

It was pretty late in the afternoon so the sun was playing games with me.

The Boston Library.  I think this is actually the side entrance and faces a small park.  They were having a farmer's market in the park and I stopped for a Bubble Tea.

That same church but from a different angle.  

This church was across the little park from the library.  Reminded me of Europe.

The glass sky scraper right next to it just seemed so odd...

This little pond was in that same small park.  Didn't mean to get the butt crack of the woman who was also taking a photo of the water falls!

The side of the old church...

I loved the way the sunlight was filtering through the trees on this section of the church.

Another old church across from what I thought was Boston Common but is actually an adjacent park.

You can't quite see them but in the distance, there were lots of flashing police lights.  I later found out two officers had been stabbed by a homeless man known for violence...

There's a beautiful pond/lake in the middle of this park.

As I was approaching this area, a semi-normal looking working man stopped to tell me he thought I was beautiful and then to strike up a conversation.  He trotted off telling me my boyfriend was a very lucky man....

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Rose Thompson said...

I enjoyed these pictures - thank you!

I grew up outside Boston. My brother works in the glass building - John Hancock tower. My sister in law used to work for the convention center/hotel that you took the picture from looking toward the skyscrapers. I've ice skated on the pond in the commons.

Living in NM for the last 22 years and I miss seeing Boston - I don't miss the traffic and the cold though. I hope you enjoyed your visit!