Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Independence Day Parade -2014

I don't recall that we've ever had someone playing the bagpipes before!

It's hard to see but there's an adorable black lab in the jump seat in this car!

When this stilt walker started to run I wasn't sure I was going to be able to capture a good action shot but I'd say I nailed it!  Love the shadow under him.

The fire breathing guy was another one I wasn't so sure I'd get a good pic but I actually got quite a few!

In this one you can see where he's spraying the igniter out of his mouth.  It actually looks like he's roasting a couple of hot dogs!

These people stopped pretty much right in front of us and the Haffie got rather impatient and started pawing the ground.  

The last bit of the parade is the zombie army...I can't quite figure out the meaning behind them but they actually support our local food bank.  There were certainly some creative costumes!

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