Monday, July 21, 2014

Getting crafty again...

It started with this shirt that I bought almost 2 years ago (excuse the selfie - I was showing my mom how the necklace she gave me matched so well).

I apparently like these colors together because I was immediately attracted to them again, totally forgetting about the shirt, when I bought this fabric to make new chair cushions and placemats for the table.
And since I was on a roll, why not some more paisley and make an indoor awning?  Actually, I've been dying to make this awning for a while now but finding he perfect fabric clinched it.

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. This window faces south and gets some pretty intense sun in the summer.  Hopefully this will help a little while also bringing in some color and pattern to my kitchen.  
Since I'm really not all that talented at this kind of thing, I probably shouldn't share how I did the awning but it really wasn't all that difficult.  The hardest part was getting the right width.  The top rod is actually a tension rod but it's hung from the ceiling almost flush to the wall with two hooks.  The bottom tension rod braces between the two cabinets.  I had about a 1 inch seam at the bottom purely by coincidence but it worked out to thread some 1/4" steel rod in there to give it weight.

I might go back and line the inside with some of that iron on interfacing if it gets kind of droopy.  Now that my sewing projects are done, I guess it's time to get back to painting!!

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