Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Deeeetroit Pics

From the number of pictures I take of the Detroit River you'd think I actually spent most of my day watching but I really don't.  Lots and lots of these big freighters slip by without me ever seeing them.  I did catch this one early one morning while spending my ritual 2 minutes chilling by the window when I get to work doing my zen thing.  I liked the contrast of the two tiny boats that were speeding up alongside of it - neither of which was actually all that small.

The city bathed in the early morning light, streets and parking lots empty...sad to think about how dismal Detroit is just blocks away from here and now in bankruptcy as well.  I did my part.  I let them keep ALL my city taxes and didn't file for a refund for the days I didn't actually work in the city.

That's the BCBSM tower and parking garage on the left side of the picture.  I prefer the river shots of the sunrises but there is something kinda special about this view too.

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