Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Beautiful Evening Sky

My specialty seems to be sunrises which I find extra special because so few people ever see them, especially in the summer when the sun comes up so early but every now and then, an evening sky catches my interest.  I was leaving the Washtenaw County 4H fair one evening and this sky roped me in.  The colors were just so cool.

I need to go back and edit out the electric/telephone  wires in this one but that sky!  Oh my!

A little further up the road I was passing the big Baptist Church.  The driveway leading up the hill was lined with light posts (you can see them on the left in the picture) and the sky behind it was so pretty I had to stop.

I drove up the drive to get a better shot which turned out not to be so much better because the didn't have the texture and contrast id did from further back.  I was also disappointed that the steeple didn't have a cross on the top.

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