Saturday, December 11, 2010

Planning for Show Season

At the shows that last more than one day we usually get a tack stall.  More often than not, we share that tack stall with 1-2 other people but we've had as many as 5 sharing!  That's a lot of stuff.  Figure at least 2 saddles per horse if nobody brings a practice saddle, 2 bridles per horse, a show halter per horse, a regular halter, all the grooming products, all the show clothes, boots, and on and on.  We all have a multitude of hooks we use to get stuff up off the floor but we also have saddle racks, big Rubbermaid bins, hat cans, etc.  Lets just say it gets pretty crowded.  And messy.

I've been tack stall stalking at shows looking for a set up that I like but won't totally break my budget.  Everything I found and then looked at to buy was ridiculous.  Then I somehow stumbled onto a site that sold retail store displays based on a wire wall grid system.  Huh.  Looks one heck of a lot like one I saw that was specifically made for tack but cost a whole lot more!!

I was off and running with my fingers walking the web.  Here's what I came up with for $42.

All the attachments are held on with hooks.  The panels themselves will hang from hooks from the top of the stall walls leaving the floor space open.  We still need to add the hook on saddle racks that are about $19 each. but I'm so excited!!  This is going to work out so well to get so much of our stuff up off the floor making WAY more room!

Since I already had someone ask, HERE is a link to the place where I ordered everything except the saddle racks.  


Aldercreek said...

That is perfect! What was the website where you found it?

PaintCrazy said... is where I ordered the stuff shown. Shipping doubled the price. I did find a place in Detroit that sells the same thing but honestly, their price with tax was only $6 less than this place with shipping. I figured it was worth $6 to have it shipped to my door, not use $3.19 per gallon diesel fuel, and not risk life and limb at a store located near 8 Mile and Woodward!!