Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 Great Lakes Motocross Banquet

This banquet was surprisingly nice.  It was held in the biggest auditorium at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort which is one of the nicest in Michigan.  The stage was huge - full size production stage flanked by gigantic screens on either side showing movie clips and the placings.  It was quite the production!

Motocross Boy on the left with a couple of his friends before the awards started.

You can't really see Motocross Boy in his picture but this was his class.  The bike on the left was given away in a raffle.  MB forgot to put his ticket in to enter...

The placings for the fall series.

These young boys were VERY interested in watching the pretty young announcer who was doing their "winner" interviews.  She's actually a motocross racer herself.

NOW you can kind of see Motocross Boy holding up his #14 with both hands.  

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