Saturday, March 20, 2010


Horses: If I'm writing about SPEED I should be writing about motocross but no.....Equestrian Girl had decided Stanley can also be very successful at speed events and has been practicing. While I won't go so far as to say he's all that fast, he does seem to enjoy it and is actually pretty good at pole bending.

Last weekend we went to the Stallion Expo at MSU. Both Scott and Equestrian Girl noticed this rail shirt and fell in love. The picture doesn't do it justice - it's all glittery and sparkly and really shimmers.
Motocross: The boys went up north this weekend to pick up Motocross Boy's new 85! He's been riding it on the little dirt track we have up there and loves the suspension compared to his old one but hates the handlebars. Scott says the factory handlebars on all the bikes are really chintzy and will get bent on the first crash. Amazing. I can't believe they make stuff so cheap like that knowing those bikes never stay on their tires for long. I know Motocross Boy was happy to get out riding. It was a long winter with no indoor places to ride at this year. I'm sure all the guys that ride have been chomping at the bit. Baja was supposed to be open for practice this weekend but in watching the radar it snowed there all day today...ick.

Homeschooling: I was talking to a friend from work that I don't see all that often since she works across the state and I was telling her that we homeschool. As I described what we do she said it was giving her chills and she wished she had been able to do it with her kids. I love hearing that. More often than not people don't "get" what homeschooling has done for our family and can't believe we can give our kids an education that is just as good if not WAY better than the public schools. It might be amazing but it's true.

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