Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Schneiders Customer Service Rocks!!

Horses: My first experience with a horse blanket was with the one that came with our first horse. It was a Schneiders but I had no idea at that time that Schneiders blankets were considered "really good" until we moved to another barn and a couple people ooh'ed and ahh'ed that we had a Schneiders blanket. Okay.

Later that year when the heavy blanket was getting too warm, I still knew nothing about blankets so I just went to Schneiders website and ordered a medium weight blanket. Both were still in excellent condition when we put them away for the summer. I think the heavy blanket had been used for 2 years before we got it so that made 3 winters of wear and besides the dirt, it looked new.

The next winter I hauled out the heavy blanket for a 4th winter. Our old horse JR wore it for a couple months but then we ended up selling him - but not the blanket! We bought Stanley before we sold JR and while Stanley had a full winter coat and wouldn't need such a heavy blanket, it would fit him eventually so I kept it.

Stanley did need a sheet but my funds were tight so I went for "cheap". I won't say what kind it was but let's just say that by spring it had nowhere to go but the garbage can and that was after I had sewn and patched and sewn and patched to no end. Learned a lesson. This winter as soon as the temps started to chill I dug out the good old heavy Schneiders and smiled that it was in such great shape. I started thinking we could set a new record for longest owned Schneiders winter blanket....what I didn't count on was a blanket eating horse in the paddock. One day he would tear loose a little binding on one pleat. The next day it would be a little on the other pleat. Then a little around the hip. Some days the tail flap got looser. Each time I'd snip off the loose pieces and hold my breath we would make it to spring.

As fate would have it, we moved barns at the beginning of February and away from the blanket eating horse. Being in a new pasture with new friends though, I left the old blanket on and ordered a new Schneider's heavy blanket. I figured if he made it through the first 2 weeks with no more damage to the blanket, I'd let him wear the new one the rest of the winter.

The two weeks went fast and all looked good so we switched to the new blanket! It looks like the one below.
Stanley wore it for almost 10 full days and then....one of his buddies must have grabbed that blanket by the shoulder and pulled at just the right place to open it up right at the whither seam! I was so mad! We left it overnight while we could dig out ol' faithful and I could call Schneiders to see about fixing it - after all, they guarantee their blankets - some for 2 years! I emailed their customer service with a picture of the where the seam came apart on Sunday night. On Monday I had an email back asking if they could have UPS pick it up on Tuesday - I just had to have it in a box. I was a little slow on the reply so we ended up agreeing on a Wednesday pick up. On Friday I got a notification saying my blanket would be delivered BACK TO ME on Monday!!! While I honestly couldn't figure out how they could have fixed that blanket that fast, I was seriously impressed. They couldn't have had in their shop more than 24 hours before it was shipped back out.

So here's where their Customer Service rocks - I got a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW blanket! They didn't just fix the old one, they sent a new one. They just won me over for life. I will never buy another blanket from another company. On top of that, I will brag like crazy about their blankets and their customer service (that's what I'm doing here I guess!!).

Sure beats the experience Scott had with our mortgage company today...Wells Fargo Mortgage company does NOT have great customer service and I would NEVER choose them to do another mortgage as long as I live. They've "lost" our paperwork THREE times now. Grrr. I think I'll ask the nice people at Schneiders if they'd like to give Service lessons to the people at Wells Fargo.

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