Sunday, March 24, 2013


This drawer is where we keep our peanut butter and bread.  It has a space in the front with the glass where we keep a decorative layer of dried beans in one, fake oranges in another, etc.  Equestrian Girl was opening this one to get the peanut butter when she screamed, jumped, and ran about 25 feet in the other direction because she spotted this tiny little mouse in the beans.  He barely noticed her antics.

My first idea was to pop a red Solo cup over him and then somehow slide something under that but the space in this section of the drawer is only about 3" so that wasn't going to work. I ended up using a 1/2 pint jelly jar and literally just scooped him up.  He was agitated by that but hardly a crazed mouse critter.

Having him in the jar made me realize just how tiny he was.  Not really all that much bigger than the end of my thumb.  And how stinkin' cute is he?  Just a baby left behind by his mommy!  We didn't have the heart to just toss him out in the snow being so little.

So we did what good neighbors do and took him over to someone else's house!  Neighbor Jeff has him in a much bigger, nicer jar with paper towel for snuggling in, water to drink and bird feed to eat.  He even has him positioned under a light for a little extra heat.  Now to see if he makes it.....

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