Tuesday, February 12, 2013

IEA Meet #2, Sullivan OH

We arrived at the arena the night before the meet to help set up and were amazed to find this really beautiful observation room.  The picture is kind of dark but it was all leather and wood and beautiful!

This is the view of the arena from the observation room.  REALLY nice place!

The stalls in the barn section were HUGE!  16'x12'.  Auto-waters too.

The one end of the arena was fenced off to use as a holding area.  That's Equestrian Girl #284 with her back to the picture going in for her first horsemanship class.

This was her second horsemanship class - she's in all black in the center of the picture.

Here she is a little closer up behind the judge and ring steward.

There were bleachers on 3 sides of the arena with little heat strips above them but at 19 degrees it was just too cold out for the little bit of heat to do much good.

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