Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting Crafty

So I'm not so very crafty but I see stuff sometimes on Pinterest or wherever and think, "I can do that!".  This time was no exception.  A wreath made out of coffee filters!  Perfect since my new coffee maker has a reusable filter and I have a Costco stack of filters for the old one.

I got started.  First the dang filters wouldn't stick to the styrofoam ring I bought even though I was using glue that SAID it was for styrofoam.  I started pinning them all on as I glued them to hold.  Which meant I could really only do one row at a time or I'd 'bury' the pins.  I was 70% done on New Year's Eve and Equestrian Girl had some friends coming over to celebrate.  And there sat my unfinished wreath.  Next to a bowl of uneaten candy canes.  

Worked out pretty nice, aye?

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